Thailand (2015)

I travelled to Thailand from 13 January – 11 February 2015.  My partner travelled with me and we relied on public transport (including planes, trains, buses and taxis) to get around. We started our trip by falling in love with Bangkok before catching a train out to famous Kanchanaburi. We then flew to Phuket for a couple of days to check out the famous islands and beaches before returning to Bangkok to eat more food and see more temples. After Bangkok we caught a mini bus to historic Ayutthaya with its ancient temple ruins. A scary mini bus trip took us to the airport in Bangkok from where we flew to Chiang Mai.

Map of where we traveled in Thailand

Map of where we traveled in Thailand


  1. First impressions of Ayutthaya
  2. A day of history


  1. Temples, cats and delicious food
  2. A modern side to Bangkok
  3. The river, history and animals
  4. Happy to be back in Bangkok
  5. Going on a temple hunt
  6. Nonthaburi day trip

Chiang Mai

  1. Scary minibus and cute airplanes
  2. The temples are different here
  3. A 4D movie
  4. A full day of rest
  5. Still not templed out
  6. Chiang Mai Kayaking
  7. The White Temple and Golden Triangle
  8. Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2015
  9. Bhubing Palace, Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai Zoo
  10. One final day of Thai luxury

Kanchanaburi province

  1. Bangkok to Kanchanaburi
  2. A day in Lat Ya
  3. WWII memorials and a temple cave
  4. Rest day in Lat Ya
  5. Lat Ya to Bangkok via Nam Tok

Phuket Island

  1. Bangkok to Phuket Town
  2. Phi Phi Islands day tour
  3. Kata and Karon Beaches
  4. First class cinemas and an overnight bus

Preparations and planning

  1. Rough plans for Thailand
  2. Four more sleeps until Thailand


  1. The Thai leg begins
  2. Whoops
  3. Reflections on Thailand

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