Poland (2016)

Paul and I took a road trip around to Poland from 5 – 20 January 2016. We flew into Krakow then travelled by car to Zakopane, Warsaw, Lodz and Wroclaw. We took in history, playing in the snow and city sights. These blog posts are sorted by location. The same blog posts are sorted chronologically on the Road Trips – Winter in Poland page.

Poland map


  1. Zakopane to Czestochowa
  2. Movies and Czestochowa by night
  3. Jasna Gora


  1. First impressions of Poland
  2. Auschwitz
  3. Schindler’s Factory and the Jewish Ghetto
  4. It’s not all dark though
  5. Indoor climbing


  1. A wonderful winter drive
  2. Indoor climbing and city shenanigans


  1. First impressions of Warsaw
  2. Warsaw Old Town
  3. Winter wonderland


  1. European Center for Culture 2016
  2. Wroclaw Old Town
  3. Indoor climbing and more indoor climbing
  4. Dwarfs of Wroclaw


  1. Going to the snow
  2. Skiing Male Ciche and Harenda
  3. Driving in the snow, Polish meat and more skiing fun
  4. Castles and rural landscapes


  1. Reflections on Poland