Dwarfs of Wroclaw (Poland)

 photo 940919_1677699489108843_5860528002226407493_n_zpswjcnmirk.jpg
We wake on our final full day in Poland to a glorious blue sky and cold air. We’re both disappointed that it hasn’t snowed overnight but hey, who can complain about picture postcard moments like these.
 photo 12508773_1677699499108842_7220692877408224555_n_zpsnu5jmaca.jpg
Our first task for the day is to walk back over to the islands because yesterday we found a cute shop filled to the brim with artsy handicrafts. The lady who was working there was so enthusiastic about Australia that we decided to bring her one of the little stuffed koalas we’ve been carrying around with us. So that meant we had the pleasure of walking back past all the churches and through the pretty parks.
 photo 12552705_1677699515775507_4805737419685797247_n_zpsqxkywkcp.jpg
We probably spent an hour at the handicraft shop. Paul loves two things: cute shops and buying gifts. So it wasn’t difficult to spend an hour and some of our last Polish zloty here. I quite like going to the shops too but I’m a bit more tight with my money.
 photo 12615306_1661886200730251_7631247405505900051_o_zps2rwzqacf.jpg

 photo 12633551_1661886147396923_9091192091474812393_o_zpsf0d1ffpu.jpg
But don’t think that walking around is a point-to-point exercise for us. We tend to get easily distracted. Especially when there are animals to be ridden.

 photo 12522941_1677808635764595_1772728046867928504_n_zpsj8pdbjtx.jpg

But today’s big goal is to find as many of Wroclaw’s famous dwarfs as possible. There are over 300 dwarfs hiding all over the city (not just the center but also in suburban areas). The dwarfs started appearing in Wroclaw in 2001 to commemorate the Orange Alternative. The Orange Alternative were an anti-communist movement. To avoid arrest for anti-communist speech the movement used ridiculous methods, such as painting dwarfs as graffiti. The city of Wroclaw decided to embrace this part of Poland’s history by commissioning and displaying the first five dwarfs. Since that time, the dwarfs have multiplied both on account of the city and also private businesses who now use them as status symbols.

 photo 12418095_1677667485778710_9090304707759388604_n_zpsi0hq3tnx.jpg

 photo 12509875_1677667515778707_5570569073290404606_n_zpspvhfzevd.jpg

 photo 12400922_1677667522445373_4236390222059493835_n_zpsz2qhfyca.jpg

 photo 12565465_1677667545778704_1943345569874438494_n_zpsc3wbqfqz.jpg

We bought the now out of date Dwarf map (published in 2012 and some of the dwarfs are not where it says they are) for 8PLN ($AU3.50). Despite the map being out of date, it gave us a good idea of where to look for the dwarfs and before long we’d found 66 of them (not all pictured).

 photo 12593903_1661886317396906_6915621730671604708_o_zps00fhqonk.jpg

We also found a double bass for me to play while we were at it.

 photo 12507140_1677699522442173_312977301483821848_n_zpsv8aoy0rc.jpg

And hung out in the pretty city for one final night.


4 thoughts on “Dwarfs of Wroclaw (Poland)

    • The orange one is a bit gross because it’s never been washed before. But it does look clean. I need to work out how to wash a goose down jacket without damaging it. Probably a case of reading the cleaning instructions on the tag but I’ve been too lazy so far. LOL.

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