Spain (2016)

I took an adventurous road trip in Spain with my mum from 25 January – 9 February 2016. This is where I have collated the stories in order of location.


  1. Galillo hike
  2. Cazorla to Granada
  3. The Alahmbra
  4. Beas de Granada to Granada hike
  5. Mum’s creative challenge while I have a work day
  6. Granada to Fuengirola via mountains and art
  7. The white town of Vejer de la Frontera
  8. The Lighthouse of Trafalgar
  9. Carnaval in Cadiz
  10. A night in Seville
  11. Curious about Columbus

Castilla – La Mancha

  1. Hello Toledo
  2. Museums and churches
  3. Toledo at night
  4. In search of Don Quixote

Gibraltar (not technically Spain but it would be silly to create a Britain page for this)

  1. Hiking the Rock of Gibraltar


  1. First impressions of Madrid
  2. Madrid on foot
  3. Suburbs to city
  4. Museum for the Blind