The Lighthouse of Trafalgar (Andalusia, Spain)

 photo 12644706_1683171731894952_5432601425352381458_n_zpspqbux5pv.jpg

It is only a short drive from Vejer to the coast. After exploring the town we drive down the hill and across the flat lands to the Faro de Trafalgar (Lighthouse of Trafalgar). This was the lighthouse that was the marker the sailors would have used for the famous battle of the same name.

 photo 12705488_1683171745228284_6608539629749648660_n_zpso9nzt6eu.jpg

The sea is relatively calm today. But it can get so rough and dangerous here too. The colour of the water is amazing.

 photo 12644806_1683171778561614_7287675250358111985_n_zpsibercuob.jpg

As are the shapes of the windblown sand. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place to while away an hour or two.

 photo 12654209_1683171785228280_8273390600160612634_n_zpshcdikecd.jpg

We sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine. This is living.

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