Hungary (2015)

I met some Hungarian ladies at a hostel in Japan. On their recommendation and some internet research (they have castles, salami and Hungarian garlic bread in Hungary) I have booked flights so I can cycle tour Hungary. I depart on 30 May and return on 2 July. A place that was previously not even on my agenda but that’s what this search for 42 is all about. This is where I’ll collate stories about that adventure.

Hungary map

Central Hungary

  1. Arriving in Budapest
  2. Budapest style
  3. A day out in Budapest
  4. Batonyteyere to Budapest
  5. An adult’s day in Budapest
  6. Wandering Budapest
  7.  A day in Budafok

Central Transdanubia

  1. Budapest to Domos
  2. Domos to Komarom
  3. Komarom to Pannonhalma
  4. Pannonhalma to Celldomolk
  5. Rest day in Celldomolk

Lake Balaton

  1. Celldomolk to Balatonboglar
  2. Balatonboglar to Keszthely
  3. Kesthely to Fonyod via Badacsony

Northern Great Plain

  1. Szeged to Cserkeszolo
  2. Cserkeszolo to Eger

Northern Hungary 

  1. Two days in Eger
  2. Eger to Miskolc-tapolca
  3. Miskolic-tapolca to Abaujszanto
  4. Abaujszanto to Aggtelek
  5. Aggtelek to Batonterenye

Southern Great Plain

  1. Baja to Szeged
  2. Rest day in Szeged
  3. Warm Showers in Szeged

Southern Transdanubia

  1. Fonyod to Orfu
  2. Rest day in Orfu
  3. Orfu to Harkany
  4. Harkany to Baja


  1. Preparing for Hungary and Slovakia
  2. Packing for Hungary and Slovakia


  1. Reflections on Hungary

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