Hungary (2015)

Dates: 1 June 2015 – 30 June 2015

Mode of transport: Bicycle

Route: Loop of country

Note on images: The images for these posts were hosted a third party hosting site that was blocked so images still need to be updated at a later date.


  1. Arriving in Budapest
  2. Budapest style
  3. A day out in Budapest
  4. Budapest to Domos
  5. Domos to Komarom
  6. Komaron to Pannonhalma
  7. Pannonhalma to Celldomolk
  8. Celldomolk
  9. Celldomolk to Balatonboglar
  10. Balatonboglar to Keszthely 
  11. Keszthely to Fonyod via Badascony
  12. Fonyod to Orfu
  13. Orfu
  14. Orfu to Harkany
  15. Harkany to Baja
  16. Baja to Szeged
  17. Rest day in Szeged
  18. Warm Showers in Szeged
  19. Szeged to Cserkeszolo
  20. Cserkeszolo to Eger
  21. Two days in Eger
  22. Eger to Miskolc-tapolca
  23. Miskolc-tapolca to Abaujszanto
  24. Abaujzsanto to Aggtelek
  25. Aggtelek to Batonterenye
  26. Batonyterenye to Budapest
  27. A grown up’s day in Budapest
  28. Wandering Budapest
  29. A day in Budafok

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