Rest day in Orfu (Southern Transdanubia)

 photo 11401464_1617148095163983_1801918663382807117_n_zpsddyyim8o.jpgIt’s shady under the tree where I am camped so for once I am not awake at ridiculous o’clock. I slowly get my day started before heading out on the bike to look for a shop where I can buy breakfast. See, in Hungary there are so many little shops that I don’t need to buy my food in advance. I find a shop that sells delicious pastries and the ever important chocolate milk (tej kakoas. A nearby park makes a fantastic relaxing spot to take in the morning.

I don’t have any big plans for the day. I ride around the lake enjoying the morning sunshine. Little boats dot the banks and small private jetties jut out into the water. On my first lap of the lake there are few people around but an hour later on my way back, the fishermen have started to gather on their little jetties in an attempt to catch some fish. There must be fish in the lake because a sign at the camping ground proudly pronounces a fishing competition that will be held here next week.

After my ride I settle in to work at camp. It’s the less glamorous side of my travels but necessary to fund the onward journey. And I actually kind of like having this balance of work, love, study, friends and travel. I fear I would not be as content if I didn’t have these multiple facets of my life to enjoy. And it’s not so bad when your office is a camping ground near a pretty lake in Hungary.

By mid-afternoon it is uncomfortably hot so I head back down to the lake for a swim. The water is fresh and clear. It’s fun being around all the other people taking in the afternoon sunshine. There’s an air of joy among the swimmers and why wouldn’t there be. I mean, we’re in a lovely cool lake with rolling hills and pretty villages as a backdrop. Oh, and they sell ice cream here, which is always a winner.

After completing a little more work I go to bed calm, content and ready to tackle the next few days on the bike in the heat of the Hungarian sun;


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