Rest day in Celldomolk (Central Transdanubia)

 photo IMG_6973_zpstdnlyaec.jpg

I decide to spend an extra day in Celldomolk. I am not due in Balatonboglar for another two days so I might as well enjoy the full Hungarian spa experience. Besides, I have to knock out some work and might as well do it somewhere pleasant.

 photo IMG_6972_zpsus0wqkwg.jpg

I have a truly wonderful and relaxing day. I alternate between working for two hours and spending an hour in the jacuzzi and warm baths. The jacuzzie bubblers do a good job massaging my sore calf and back. While the warm bath does a good job putting me to sleep. Every time I go in I lay my head on the side and cannot keep my eyes open.

 photo 10672258_1615750031970456_3934370037869401337_n_zpss3lxpr3d.jpg

At day’s end, an older man from a nearby caravan comes to chat with me. He speaks a little English, which is good because I speak very few words of Hungarian. I have spent the day admiring his family’s festivities. There have been three caravans / campervans parked close together on their site. Teenagers have been playing harmoniously in the baths and around the park. His family have all gone home because it’s Sunday evening and now he and his wife are enjoying the almost empty camping ground. He tells me that it’s his 40th wedding anniversary today. I congratulate him and he rightly looks proud and pleased with his achievement. After a short chat during which he expresses surprise that I would come all the way from Australia to cycle in his country, the man brings me some salami, baked pork and bread as a gift. I eat some of it right away and leave the rest for breakfast. I can tell you that this is much better quality salami than the cheap stuff I have been buying. He also brings me a beer but I don’t want to drink alcohol so I politely decline his offer. A short while later he returns from his campervan with a can of non-alcoholic beer. Now this is sweet and refreshing. The perfect way to end a relaxing day.


7 thoughts on “Rest day in Celldomolk (Central Transdanubia)

    • They are. this actually happened a few days ago. My blog is behind because I’ve spent the past two nights with some guys from Budapest cycling around Lake Balaton and tasting wine (I am a non-drinker but am committed to trying new things on this journey, including drinking small quantities of alcohol in certain circumstances). I am too tired tonight to write the blog posts for the past three days because so much has happened but they will come … Meeting lovely people is one of the best things about this journey so far.

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