Japan (2015)

I cycle toured Japan from 13 April to 12 May 2015. I arrived with no plan, just an entry and exit point. When I got off the plane at Kansai International Airport, Osaka, I had to decide: left to Osaka and Kyoto or right to the Kii Peninsula. I turned right because I didn’t feel like cycling in cities. That was all I knew. What followed was an almost totally free form tour.

Route cycled in Japan

Route cycled in Japan


  1. Ise to Tahara
  2. Tahara to Shiogo Dam
  3. Shiogo Dam to Shizuoka
  4. Shizuoka to Kawaguchiko (Fuji Lakes)
  5. Kawaguchiko to Shoji Lake (Fuji Lakes)
  6. Shoji Lake to Takenekita
  7. Takenekita to Saku
  8. Suka to Tomioka
  9. Tomioka to Takayama via Haruna Lake
  10. Takayama to Marunumakogen
  11. Marunumakogen to Nishikata
  12. Nishikata to Mito
  13. Rest day in Mito
  14. Random musings from Mito
  15. More musings from Mito
  16. Teenagers of Mito
  17. Four days in Mito
  18. Mito to Narita
  19. Temple Naritasan Shinshoji


  1. Osaka to Wakayama
  2. Wakayama Castle
  3. Wakayama to Shirama-no-sato
  4. Shirama-no-sato to Kawayu Onsen
  5. Kumano Kodo Hongu Taisha to Kugochi
  6. Kumano Kodo Kugochi to Nachi Taisha and then back to Kawayu Onsen
  7. Rest day at Kawayu Onsen
  8. Kawayu Onsen to Mikisato
  9. Mikisato to Ise
  10. Izakaya in Ise


  1. Arriving in Osaka
  2. Tokyo-Narita to Kuala Lumpur
  3. Reflections on Japan

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