The Netherlands (2015/16)

Dates: 27 December 2015 – 8 January 2016

Mode of transport: Train

Route: Loop of country


  1. First impressions of Amsterdam
  2. Exploring Amsterdam
  3. Tourist activities in Amsterdam
  4. Zwolle and Coevorden
  5. New Years Eve in Coevorden
  6. Ganzeduik 2016
  7. The rest of New Year’s Day 2016
  8. Family and the woods
  9. Riding, walking and eating with family
  10. An exciting purchase
  11. Back in Brabant
  12. De Ark van Noah
  13. Keeping the international film experience alive
  14. Rotterdam
  15. Delft
  16. Back to the Netherlands

10 thoughts on “The Netherlands (2015/16)

      • I love Turkey. Last few days. Trying to book and Air BNB for a few nights because I don’t want to camp in the rain (only have a bivy bag with me) . Getting verified when you only have a foreign data sim is a challenge. Good thing Paul is awake so he could send me the magic code

      • Great! I love Turkey too, on all occasions I went there.

        So, a bivy bag, that doesn’t protect you from rain, but does it against mosquitoes? (Which you too had a lot in Hungary) Here, we are in Albania now, it rains a lot too. We stayed two days in a hotel to avoid it, tomorrow we continue towards Montenegro.

        I heard of AIR BNB but have never used it myself. Good Paul is helping out; praise the technique!

        Enjoy Turkey the few days left, Andrew!

      • Bivy bag keeps me dry in the rain but it’s only a bag. So i would have to sit around in the rain before bed. And I do not have a stove or anything with me. I also like that air BnB lets me have contact with locals, which I enjoy

      • Same kind of approach as CouchSurfing of WarmShowers. I used that previous time I was in Turkey; stayed only with local families and WarmShower or CouchSurfing families. Great way to interact with locals! Enjoy it!

      • I was going to try Couch Surfing here but am too lazy. I don’t like to Couch Surf more than one night at a time. And I have four nights left (one at airport and three now with Air BnB).

        I love couch surfing guests at home though. We get many requests. After this trip I will be home long enough to say “yes” to some.

        Enjoy your travels

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