Back to the Netherlands

 photo 12729273_1687392578139534_3358588720054173669_n_zpsd7pwoxkt.jpg

My cousin shows he is a gentleman. He wakes early to take me to a cafe for breakfast and then walks with me the fifteen minutes to the Metro station so I can find my way to the airport using the cheapest option. At exactly 10am I am walking through customs, just as he said I would be; ready for my 11:40am flight back to Eindhoven. Before I know it the funny RyanAir “90 per cent on time flights” music is playing and it’s time to the wet cold climes of Holland.

 photo 1888717_1687392694806189_2506777385363949071_n_zpsqezhujuv.jpg

The rain doesn’t bother me because I know that for the next three days I will be spending some more time with family; something I have come to value more since living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. My uncle picks me up from the airport and it’s not long before I am joining his family for dinner. It’s wonderful to see my cousins and one of their wives. We chat and catch up on about 15 years; this being the first time we are really meeting each other as adults. My uncle shows me a photo on the wall of the restaurant. It’s my grandmother when she was young. How cool that my family’s history is captured in the historic photos at the restaurant. I guess that’s what happens when your family are from a small village.

I won’t be doing much travel over the coming days. Mostly I am making the most of my three remaining days in Europe to spend quality time with my family. I don’t tend to blog much about that. But there will still be some travel stories in between.


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