Tourist activities in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

We were up and out on foot early because we wanted to line up for the Ann Frank House before the queue got too long. Night was turning into dark and the street lights had not yet turned off. We walked the short distance to a tram stop where I jumped on a tram and Paul didn’t quite make it. To be fair, I entered through an ‘exit only’ door without realising it and Paul tried to get on a legitimate door but the tram took off. So I got off at the next stop and waited for him to arrive. He walked, resisting the temptation to stop in at all the delicious bakeries he passed on the way. Once again reunited we took the tram to the Ann Frank House only to discover that the queue was already 3 hours long (it was 8:45am and the house didn’t open until 9am). We again decided there are better things to do in Amsterdam than stand in line to see a historic house.

The first of those better things was Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Neither of us had been to one before so we decided to part with the rather hefty entrance fee. I can tell you right now that it was worth every Euro to stand next to my favourite Bond …

To fly ET home (yes, I did try on every costume provided by the museum) …

And to race against the drug cheat (sorry but I am not a fan of any sportsperson who is found to have used performance enhancing drugs or techniques), beating him on my courier bike.

After letting Spiderman save me from falling off a tall building while I was escaping some evil villain we went out to lunch with my cousin. It was fantastic to catch up with him because I think it’s been about a decade since we last met. He was looking trim, fit and terrific, making me even more motivated to be a little more careful with my diet and keep up the renewed efforts on my exercise regime. I loved catching up and sharing stories about our lives on opposite sides of the world.

Four hours later we were again walking the streets of Amsterdam. This time to the Amsterdam Dungeon. What a fun experience. If you’ve never done one of the dungeon experiences (they are offered in different cities around the world) then I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was charged in a mock trial of crimes against fashion. I plead guilty and, after initially refusing to do so, I apologised to the people of Amsterdam for bringing the fashion in their city down a fair few notches. In all seriousness though, people in Holland certainly do know how to dress and I definitely was not appropriately attired to hang out in that nation’s capital.

We ended our day as tourists in Amsterdam with a fitting dinner. Earlier resolution to watch my diet a bit had to be pushed aside on the grounds of culture. Then we walked around for ages until we found a Chinese massage place that did foot reflexology (oh our feet definitely needed that after two days of walking).

And I’ll leave you with some random photos of our final day in Amsterdam. Firstly, Westerkerk with the Ann Frank queue patiently waiting.

A postcard perfect canal scene that shows Amsterdam’s typical old houses and tree lined canals.

And you can’t visit Amsterdam without at least one photo of a canal boat.



6 thoughts on “Tourist activities in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

  1. I am so jealous. I would love to embark on this journey. Are you planning a return or waiting until this one is through before making such plans?

  2. I loved Amsterdam and sadly we didn’t get to the Ann Frank House. I’m hoping I’ll get there again but now that my son lives in London I have to go there first, after his wedding in Italy this summer.

    • I’ve been once before and it is worth the visit (but not 3 hour in a queue πŸ˜‰ ). Congratulations on your son’s upcoming wedding. I hope you get to go to Italy for it. Haha

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