Keeping the international film experience alive (Delft, The Netherlands)

After our adventure with the Ark van Noah we caught the train to Delft where we would be staying for a few nights before Paul went home to Australia.
 photo 12552621_1678339942378131_5450234191792968607_n_zps08b2t3bm.jpg
It’s dark by the time we arrive so our first impressions are of the pretty lights reflecting on the black water of the canals. Our hotel is in an old 18th century building; the perfect place to take in this old city. We overlook these very canals through a pretty old school window. Dark wooden beams protrude beneath the whitewashed walls and ceiling. It’s perfect for us.

We decide that we haven’t seen a movie in Holland yet and we don’t want to ruin our perfect record of seeing at least one movie in every country we visit together. The cinema is about 500m from our hotel so it’s a quick walk. Tonight we decide to watch The Big Short. Neither of us know much about it but it’s one of the few American (read English-language) films we haven’t seen yet. There’s not much different about going to the movies in Holland to home except that there are more people in the cinema. We’re not used to that. The movie itself turns out to be great and I have now learned more about the financial system and GFC in two hours than I otherwise would have found the energy to bother learning.
 photo 12508935_1678339959044796_4476600817021908799_n_zpsx6l1najh.jpg
We take as short middle of the night walk around Delft after the movie. It’s pretty and there are bicycles everywhere. The bicycles in Delft are on an Amsterdam level of crazy busy. Down in the market square the New Church looks pretty all lit up. I think this is what I equate Holland with most: austere brown brick buildings and churches.

Anticipating a warmer night I haven’t dressed well for the weather so am too cold to do much more sightseeing despite the temperature being above zero after weeks being comfortable at sub-zero temperatures. Maybe the problem is the wind, the water and my over-estimation of my acclimatisation. Either way, we might as well make the most of our comfortable hotel room and a good night sleep.

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