Kenya (2014)

Dates: February 2014

Mode of transport: Car

Route: Nakuru and Masai Mara

Note: I note that these will link to my old blog. But I wanted to include them here because they do form an important part of this current Looking for 42 journey that I am on.


  1. Two weeks until Kenya
  2. Packed for Kenya
  3. Gear for Kenya
  4. Flying to Kenya
  5. Abu Dahbi to Nairobi
  6. Nairobi Club
  7. Nairobi to Nakuru
  8. Rosemary’s guesthouse
  9. Church in the slums
  10. First day at Gabriel’s school, Kaptembwo slums
  11. Bustling Nakuru
  12. More from Gabriel’s school, Kaptembwo slums
  13. Fun on the pikky pikky (motorbike taxi)
  14. Nakuru to Masai Mara
  15. Masai Mara safari
  16. Full day safari
  17. The hunters and the hunted
  18. The Nakuru Hope Project, Kaptembwa slums
  19. A day at the farm
  20. Menengai Crater
  21. Final day in Nakuru
  22. It started with roses and ended with a kiss

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