Rotterdam (Zuid Holland, The Netherlands)

 photo 12523098_1678434845701974_8423068522253711677_n 1_zpsxsc6rawi.jpg

I look out the window to take in our view of Delft. It’s a tough decision: do we stay here today or check out Rotterdam. Logistics dictate that Rotterdam wins. But it’s wonderful just standing here looking out the window.
 photo 12552872_1678434852368640_652851014395163040_n 1_zps5wusqgvh.jpg
The walk to the station takes us through some narrow alleys where solid brick walls feel like they might encase us. This is what I think of whenever I picture Holland. Even when we returned to visit family when I was a child, it was the brick walls and narrow alleys that struck me. I find it at once comforting in it’s familiarity and oppressive in the lack of open space. A strange sensation.
 photo 12605357_1678434872368638_7307935192087228045_o 1_zpsx7w7r7bj.jpg
Our first stop in Rotterdam is the Maritime Museum. Get off the train at Rotterdam Blaak not Rotterdam Centraal if this is your destination because it’s closer. The museum is the first stop on our Rotterdam walking tour on the izi.Travel app. We don’t know it yet but we will also get so side tracked in the museum that it’s our only stop.
 photo 11225155_1678434865701972_5722522367388959098_n_zpsmlrxcljh.jpg
The museum has a fantastic open-air component in the harbour that includes a wide collection of vessels. It’s winter so only one boat is open for us to walk through. But it doesn’t matter. There’s a guide who tells us about the boat and the family who lived aboard it. The boat is still in original condition from the late 1800s so it’s amazing.

 photo 12541021_1678434909035301_7830049573130545328_n_zps5nmvlrfy.jpg

 photo 12512535_1678435052368620_1824414074135694369_n_zps2wrvwmor.jpg

 photo 12512313_1678434969035295_3456390887404823807_n_zpsmggi3goj.jpg

 photo 12510378_1678435042368621_2455452856585258478_n_zpspusecpyd.jpg

Inside the museum is also fantastic. We spend about two hours here in total. There are model boats, displays of historic voyages, an interactive model of the harbour and it’s controls, and a brilliant children’s area. There are also some opportunities for fun, particularly in the Cape Horn display and the cruise ship display. The museum is a fantastic combination of infotainment.

 photo 12522981_1678435135701945_8084760517969740852_n_zpsalbezjiy.jpg

We’re hungry for lunch by the time we leave the museum so we head over to the Maarkthal. It’s right next to Rotterdam Blaak station. The building is modern, airy and filled with good food. The ceiling has been painted with bright colours and murals.

 photo 12509547_1678435159035276_2946437428782066509_n_zpspzf0oqmq.jpg

 photo 12494980_1678435239035268_3593122283716156289_n_zps6cswoy8p.jpg

 photo 12512813_1678435325701926_124799710854550311_n_zpsssf9aiqh.jpg

We eat fresh salad for lunch followed over the next few hours (for we left the Maarkthal to explore the main street for a while) with a stroopwafel and serve of poffertjes. For you cannot come to Holland and not eat these delicious foods.
 photo 12493692_1661886387396899_6128715752850001651_o_zpsbqp0psyz.jpg
And then there’s nothing left to do but to catch another movie in Delft. Tonight we went to Daddy’s Home. It was the perfect mix of funny and meaningful. Perhaps I liked it because I am a stepfather. But it was a good way to end what was a fun day.

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