Mum’s creative challenge while I have a work day (Granada, Andalusia, Spain)

I need to work for a day and Mum’s going out to explore Granada a bit so I set her a task: take seven creative photos for me. Mum did well and shared with me (and now with you) her impression of Granada.
 photo 12592473_10153888995365842_8202466731599193295_n_zpsw0hr30n2.jpg
Mum decided to buy some mandarins … these are quite Spanish after all.
 photo 12645248_10153888994665842_7925249365900520394_n_zpsgfvwpapr.jpg
As you can see, Mum isn’t shy about asking people to be in her photos.
 photo 12642729_10153888995075842_1326957411670548582_n_zpsmaqpiszp.jpg
Even strangers in the street aren’t safe from her playful nature.
 photo 943925_10153888994745842_497083252299416878_n_zpsp7knr8sp.jpg
And she has an eye for design.
 photo 12631557_10153888995270842_22494613757819276_n_zpsmmchtxry.jpg
Oh and don’t think that your restaurant or business is safe from her good natured interference.
 photo 12688008_10153888995170842_4503812244892264533_n_zpsrbjftxog.jpg

 photo 12687968_10153888995125842_6903873929078268350_n_zpsrkfgn6hi.jpg
She’s a good mum because she even thinks of me and my obsession with knights and all things Medieval.
 photo 12669658_10153888995460842_1458007851850277957_n_zpsnlcrcf9q.jpg
The ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary in my mum’s world.
 photo 12670120_10153888994900842_5493693734925706893_n_zpso2gpeg9t.jpg
And she has a nice way with people who have to work hard for a living, knowing she can have a laugh with them and maybe it also breaks up their day.
 photo 12670565_10153888994820842_6755075742424207354_n_zpsbesim6hn.jpg
Of course the toro (bull) is a necessary subject for Spanish photos too.
 photo 12647206_10153888995015842_34782275774480081_n_zpswpfslnyo.jpg
As are voluptuous fountains.
 photo 12508747_10153888995695842_2748854763521754708_n_zps81t1sfgx.jpg
And then at the end of the day she used me in my ‘office’.

I did get to enjoy dinner after work at a delicious little Syrian restaurant that was a husband and wife job. The paintings on the wall spoke of a different happier time for the country. And the food was absolutely fantastic – it’s a shame the country is off-limits for travel right now because I would go just to eat.

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