A night in Seville (Adalusia, Spain)

 photo 12687934_1683543398524452_7011655498603662058_n_zpsbyxjwdgp.jpg

We arrive in Seville just before dark. Our apartment is a gorgeous space inside the old palace walls. I do some work while Mum goes for a walk. Later, I join her to see a little of the city.

 photo 12728917_1683543455191113_5693403265855688540_n_zpskjzvos8r.jpg

 photo 12705523_1683543508524441_9068974152606983719_n_zpszbb2whzw.jpg

 photo 12687930_1683543461857779_5273608630116666365_n_zpsua9f9nnz.jpg

 photo 12705667_1683543515191107_622009781144857541_n_zpstwmhzxio.jpg

We walk around taking in the atmosphere of this lovely city. There’s a plaza at the end of every street and an old church in every plaza. We don’t walk long but it’s all quality.

 photo 12662514_1683543418524450_7569775644251436891_n_zpsmxpcmvrd.jpg

It’s our last night together just my mum and me. We eat tapas at a really good little restaurant and sit on the terrace. We realise it’s only the sixth meal we haven’t cooked ourselves, including breakfasts and lunches. It’s only our second actual tapas and this is much better than the one we tried in Granada. We sit a while and enjoy the atmosphere before Mum has to go to the airport to pick up her mum.


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