Movies and Czestochowa by night (Poland)

We’ve rented an apartment in Czestochowa for one night. The building is old and the rear entry is covered with graffiti. We’re both looking at each other with an “oh no” look. The landlord opens the door and our looks change to pleasure. Inside the apartment is fantastic. It’s ultra modern with a gorgeous view out over the main street. It turns out to be quiet, safe and comfortable. We both almost wish that we had rented it for a few extra nights.

 photo 12523184_1675764122635713_2360226564442961130_n_zpsc090vnr2.jpg

There’s a movie cinema about 2km from the apartment. To get there we can walk straight up the main street beneath the pretty Christmas lights. Joy is playing with subtitles. This is something you need to know about going to the movies in Poland – many movies are dubbed in Polish. So if you want to see a movie in it’s original language, do not go to any movie that has “DB” written behind it.

The cinema seats are incredibly comfortable and the quality of the screen and sound is great. The movie Joy itself is nothing like the previews. It’s actually a really great movie about the origins of the squeeze mop. Paul tells me that he even had one when he was growing up. It’s uplifting and (pun intended) joyous.

 photo 12548855_1675776109301181_258305151255180112_n_zpsh3xczkr6.jpg

We leave the cinema to discover it has been snowing. The world is now covered in white, which is so pretty. We cheer and play in the snow.

 photo 12509186_1675776115967847_2008265874029215069_n_zpskxgs1bwq.jpg

The white carpet makes the monument to Pope John Paul II pop at the top of the main street. Its actually a really cool monument.

 photo 5224_1675764692635656_1429219235902200056_n_zps9eubqb34.jpg

It’s about 10pm and we missed dinner before the movie. There’s nothing open except McDonalds so we decide it will have to do. The meal is nothing spectacular but we do notice that ice cream sundaes here are served in edible cones not plastic cups.

 photo 12509062_1675776139301178_2143010616022828890_n_zpsmouvos73.jpg

Back out on the street we continue walking back to the apartment. The main square is pretty with the lights and Christmas decorations.

 photo 12548905_1675776129301179_6627761170886116539_n_zpswd3ehynn.jpg

On one side is a church-like building that is beautifully lit. The snow in front of it is thicker and hasn’t yet been trampled …

So Paul gets me to make a snow angel. Of course I cannot help but resist the opportunity to be playful.

 photo 12417666_1675776155967843_184063753848122761_n_zpsgfeu3olr.jpg

This is the resulting masterpiece. Haha

 photo 12509037_1675782545967204_3201618917608879029_n_zpsyjottgcx.jpg

Back at the apartment we are just about in bed when we hear a tractor driving up the street. Like children hearing sleigh bells on Christmas Eve we race to the window to see what excitement might be outside. There’s a cute little tractor driving up and down the street spreading the magic salt and sand that will make the road clear of snow by morning. We wonder what locals would think f they knew we were taking photos of the tractor. They’d probably think we were from another planet; and in a way we are.


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