It’s not all dark though (Krakow, Poland)

If you made it through the past couple of posts you might be hesitant to come to Krakow or Poland. But it’s certainly not all dark here. Poland today is an absolutely beautiful country, even in the dead of winter.
 photo 12509601_1673700512842074_8178368609870038926_n_zpsj25ymz78.jpg
There’s a magnificent creativity here in the public art works.
 photo 12507487_1674227216122737_6177199494788718858_n_zpsqdhcqp2n.jpg
And the old city is absolutely gorgeous with its brightly coloured houses, church spire and cobblestoned streets.
 photo 12400829_1674227226122736_5954535466826329924_n_zpsxd2qamme.jpg
There’s horses and carriages, and heated golf buggies to take you sightseeing around the city (we chose to walk and just admire the other transportation from afar).
 photo 12391375_1674226929456099_5359495261276804003_n_zps8iu2cdjk.jpg
There are still some cute old Eastern European cars on the streets but you will need to be quick to see these because late model Japanese, German and French cars appear to comprise 99 per cent of the vehicles we’ve seen on the roads.
 photo 1005502_1673856859493106_6201684627854947704_n_zps5n8jawf0.jpg
There’s an ordered modernity here with just the right touch of old world charm.
 photo 12507483_1673700622842063_7870815611355555388_n_zpsufi3hr3p.jpg
Even in early January the Christmas markets bustle with life and joy. You can buy food, hot drinks and gifts from small carts set up in the main old town square watching the people wander by.
 photo 1438_1673856802826445_295642365170058685_n_zpsztpylnfl.jpg
Christmas lights and decorations brighten the winter nights. They also create spaces for people to congregate; many people stop to take photos of the various light displays or pretend to jump out of them for photos.
 photo 12507547_1673856809493111_1023170004463154422_n_zpsg8xmbskb.jpg
And there are plenty of historic buildings (most notably Roman Catholic churches) to keep any history buff occupied for days.

Krakow has so much going for it. And, like the people of South Korea, Poles seem to have an unstoppable desire to welcome foreign guests to their country. The city feels proud and optimistic. And why shouldn’t it after all that the population here have gone through. I just wish we had more time to explore this city.

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