Driving in snow, Polish meat and more skiing (Zakopane, Poland)

It’s snowing when we wake leaving a fresh layer of white on the ground everywhere. The roads are coloured white and I need to use the scraper to clear the car windows. This must be a niusance to locals but for us it is a novelty and exciting start to the day.

Paul has a ski lesson booked at Male Ciche for 11am. We set off through Zakopane and up the mountain. The snow plow hasn’t been through yet. We’re not sure whether or not we should be driving in these conditions but there are other cars on the road. I take things slowly but conditions get progressively worse. Nerves get the better of me as we reach the turn off to the Male Ciche ski resort because that road is covered in thicker snow than the main road up the mountain. We call an abort and head back down.

 photo 12494830_1675182149360577_6049658469905668869_n_zpsdhkgh5br.jpg

But not without stopping to check out the snowy woods on the way down. You need a permit to hike in the High Tatras National Park and we don’t have one. So we don’t venture into the woods proper. We just stay near the entrance (there is no ranger but still we don’t want to break the rules). That’s actually enough for us to have a really great time.

 photo 12523922_1675182186027240_5239723482946859957_n_zpsguuic6us.jpg

The snowy woods are gorgeous.

Here’s a short video to share what we saw.

 photo 1936976_1675182222693903_538961696932243895_n_zpsbidpwo1w.jpg

We reluctantly return to Zakopane as the snow steadily increases. It’s Sunday in Zakopane so the shops are closed and the church is calling the faithful to prayer. In Poland the faithful are high in number. We see many people enter the church, both old and young. This is different to at home where the Catholic Church rarely fills its pews and to Holland where church buildings are often used as restaurants and converted into apartments. Everywhere we’ve been in Poland there are people praying in the Catholic churches and the churches seem to be open to the public at all times (that’s not the case in Australia where churches are locked).
 photo 12548854_1675182256027233_802808765390672001_n_zpsov3qsypz.jpg
The doors to the churches here are often amazing. The wood carvings and locks and metal work are so decorative. At first we thought it was because the churches were old but we’ve since learned that most churches have been rebuilt after WW2. Such craftsmanship.
 photo 12401031_1675182329360559_5275851840909725604_n_zpsu4oah3wp.jpg
Religious statues abound too. No church is left standing without at least one statue of Jesus or another religious figure. I think they look pretty in the snow.
 photo 12510274_1675182482693877_8733651204519682448_n_zps7ky8yjha.jpg
We take lunch in a Polish bar. I think they are meat bars because that’s what they seem to serve most. We share a roast pork knuckle. The crackling is fantastic and the meat tender. I love Polish food. Especially the fact that pork is the main protein available in restaurants and shops. I miss it when I’m in countries where pork is not served. I can assure you that I ate my fair share of pig in Poland.
 photo 11204875_1675182532693872_2399911143910679488_n_zpsaqdxgqbh.jpg
All that’s left to do after an afternoon of work is to hit the slopes for a few hours. Paul drops me off and goes back to the guesthouse to relax. The slope at Harenda is not a beginner slope so it’s not much fun for him to ski here. But it’s perfect for me now that I’m gaining some confidence.
 photo 12401023_1675182582693867_5798971978262176933_n_zpskk34lirb.jpg
After a few runs off the t-bars (there are three that go up the left side of the photo above), I dare to head over to the chair lift. The chair lift leads up to a 1.25km (3/4 mile) red run. It’s fairly steep with no flat sections so it will be a challenge for me in all respects: mentally, physically and skills. But I know that I can always snow plow sideways if I have to. Somehow I will get down in one piece. It’s just a question of being methodical and patient.
 photo 12509858_1675182569360535_6551918321103882345_n_zpscnd2zlho.jpg
The initial drop is a little scary but the slopes are quiet so there’s no pressure to race along. I snow plow my first couple of turns and then get comfortable. There’s a lot of ice out on the snow tonight so I have to be careful to pick my turns (I’m not that good at edging that I can turn on ice).
 photo 12439319_1675182496027209_5053547583916852978_n_zpspfzu4sht.jpg
But I make it down and have such a ball that I end up taking the red run four times. Every time I improve that little bit more until I don’t feel like a total gumby heading down the slope. I don’t know it yet but this will be my final chance to ski in Poland because tomorrow it will rain and I’m not that excited to ski in the rain.


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