A wonderful winter drive (Warsaw to Lodz, Poland)

Today we have only one goal: to drive to Lodz (pronounced Wootch). It’s about two hours to Lodz (we take three hour because I manage to take a wrong turn and also to take lots of photos). This is definitely one of those posts where the less words I use the better so here’s the photos to describe one of the nicest days driving I’ve ever had.
 photo 12439158_1676819385863520_8989443905683821879_n_zpsdwbshkcm.jpg
(This was the wrong turn … we drove like this for about 5km but we made it out the other side)
 photo 12524019_1676819405863518_602534800792504364_n_zps4gwcqths.jpg

 photo 12400935_1676819415863517_1425554340066676903_n_zpshrnin9gl.jpg

 photo 12573971_1676819432530182_7118372747884764088_n_zpsluiybt2p.jpg

 photo 12316165_1676819445863514_6533670818395297878_n_zpsfrs4rcsd.jpg


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