Zakopane to Czestochowa (Poland)

We selected Czestochowa merely because it was a convenient point on the map half way between Zakopane and Warsaw. We didn’t want to drive 500km in the northern winter without knowing what conditions would be like. So we broke it up over two days. I’m glad we did because while this drive didn’t give rise to much in the way of words for this blog, it was pretty and we stopped many times to take photos. I think it took us about 5-6 hours just to travel about 280km.

 photo 11228910_1675703385975120_1125417242262171676_n_zpsjzhi8irb.jpg

Instead of taking the highway through Krakow we took some scenic county roads.

 photo 5225_1675703422641783_9191614305261249486_n_zpsawygdpq4.jpg

There were frozen creeks running through golden leaf littered forests.

 photo 1425589_1675703439308448_7584714583149656874_n_zpsjpzv0ugi.jpg

A frozen lake gave us a chance to photograph the shapes of the broken ice on the shores and to see what happened when we dropped small rocks down onto it from the roadway. We giggled like school boys at our ability to “skim” the rocks across the lake surface so easily. Naturally, it was just us cheating as the rocks bounced across the ice.

 photo 12438979_1675703449308447_8239525741150048717_n_zpsk8xcf1g3.jpg

We also passed many picture-perfect villages. Some with coloured houses liek this one while others were filled with wood cabins and steep pitched alpine roofs.


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