Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2015

 photo C0D10627-E337-4246-8DB1-E3AB6F9968D0_zpshidhq7aj.jpg
We had read about the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in our Thailand guide book but weren’t sure exactly when it would be on. Well, how lucky were we: it was on the weekend we were in town. And what a spectacular event it was.
 photo 90E15DF1-BA5D-4D01-8459-68AD28123970_zpsecajynje.jpg
This might seem like lazy blogging but I think the photos of the floats speak for themselves.
 photo DCF685F9-E1DA-410A-8216-A2B2D68C4DF4_zpsma0cdtxq.jpg
I mean, how can I possibly add anything by speaking to these photos.
 photo 87F3175A-472C-4529-BFE1-38F8B729821D_zpstomlnsf4.jpg
Thai creativity, attention to detail and visual aesthetic proves, once again, to be amazing!
 photo 14D88CA1-ED0A-41AB-ABDF-538E11077DFC_zpszn3zcidy.jpg
The theme this year was tourism in Thailand.
 photo DBBA8A75-45AF-4C38-9E43-4BE77A437319_zpsy2dketw8.jpg
If you have a chance, I recommend visiting the Chiang Mai Flower Festival because it is one of those once-in-a-lifetime cultural events.
 photo EF66B7D4-0ACF-4C39-882F-2404F6D6BF8B_zpssssjfhlg.jpg
And then, at the end of the day, we watched a few traditional dances.

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