Rest day in Lat Ya (Kanchanaburi Province)

After walking over 120km in a week, neither of us could be bothered going anywhere today. I had a bad night feeling frustrated and stuck by some things in my life (yes, even those of us who seemingly have everything have frustrations in our lives) and Paul was worn out from the emotional experience of going to all the war graves. So we agreed to just go with the flow and see what happened.

After a leisurely breakfast we strolled into Lat Ya and walked some backstreets we hadn’t been down before. We both wanted a massage and were sure that even little Lat Ya would have a massage shop. After-all, this is Thailand. We weren’t wrong either. There, tucked away down a little alley in a non-descript house was a familiar image on a sign. It’s the same stock photo used by so many massage places at home in Australia: a lady lying on her stomack with a smile on her face and a purple flower in her hair with hands massaging her shoulders. We mimed hands massaging our arms to the lady in the shop, which resulted in a fairly standard conversation:

“Oil massage?” she asked.
“Thai massage” we said.
“300 baht” … “okay”.

She phoned her friend to come over to help because she and the other masseuse were both busy with clients. By the time she finished, her friend arrived and we were ushered in to lay on our backs on the massage bed. The bed was just a long low wooden shelf where three of us (another client) all laid while the masseuses went about their business. This is probably my favourite thing about Thailand so far: massages. The going rate is between 250-300 baht ($10-12.50) per hour and we noticed that the local lady leaving as we entered paid the same 300 baht as we did.

Thai massages are not exactly for the feint hearted. The ladies who use their elbows, fingers, feet and knees to great effect to find knots in muscles you didn’t even know you had. Nothing is off limits: shins, calves, inner thighs, armpits and necks. We’ve had the masseuses contorting our bodies into strong stretches and walking on our backs. But every time I leave, I feel so good. My muscles are terribly tight so I often jump a bit during the massage but I think a month of massages will do me a world of good.
 photo B648E8B1-3D17-4959-B395-EC87432A73FF_zpsjbidpzeo.jpg
Bodies rejuvenated we stepped back onto the street. Paul mentioned a cake shop he had seen a couple of days ago and I readily agreed. Y’s House Cake and Coffee was amazing! The iced chocolate was rich and strong. This was no watered down semi-sweetened cocoa and sugar mix but actual chocolate. As for the cakes, well, I’ll let the pictures above speak for themselves.
 photo 39A79B7B-CF56-487D-AC44-2794C9E1E71C_zps5t5czmer.jpg
We returned to our hotel for some down time and to watch a TV series I bought from iTunes. After about three hours we thought it might be time for some fruit so we walked out to go to the local fruit stall for some pineapple. But the lady wasn’t there. Instead, there was a small farmers’ market set up across the road.


2 thoughts on “Rest day in Lat Ya (Kanchanaburi Province)

  1. It’s good to read your stories. I have read them a few days ago, but could not respond or leave a foot print, due to in and out of service…..
    Good to see they have some decent chocolate!

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