A 4D movie (Chiang Mai)

Neither of us feels much like walking today. We’ve been hitting the sight seeing quite hard during our trip and it’s time for a rest. I spend most of the morning working while Paul sleeps in. We take a short walk to the Central Festival shopping centre that’s about a mile from our apartment to eat steak and chips for lunch and buy tickets to see a 4D movie at the cinemas in the evening. After we return to our hotel, Paul heads out to a laundromat to wash our clothes while I paint a poster for a university assignment (I am definitely not an artist but I am grateful not to have to write an assignment).

Chores completed, we set off across to Central Festival again in the evening to watch Project Almanac in 4D. Neither of us have seen a 4D movie before and we haven’t really heard of them being a thing in Brisbane yet. The movie itself isn’t much to write home about. It’s The Butterfly Effect meets every teenage high school angst movie you’ve ever seen. But the 4D effects are worth the ticket price. Our chairs bump, wobble, rumble and kick us in the back throughout the film. We get sprayed with water every time it rains, lights flash brightly around the cinema whenever there’s bright lights flashing on the screen, wind blows against our faces as leaves blow around on the screen and puffs of wind blow against our ears when someone is sneaking up behind us. I would love to see an action film this way, especially one that has 3D visuals. What a contradiction it is to be in a developing country where you can buy a meal for next to nothing on the street and tuk tuk drivers treat you like an cash machine but the cinemas are world class (and better than any I have been to at home).

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