Happy to be back in Bangkok

After a couple of days feeling like we had left Thailand, it feels fantastic to be back in Bangkok where the food is delicious, the people are Thai and the tuk tuk drivers beg us to go places with them. I have never really missed any city I have visited but Bangkok is different. There’s something about it that makes me feel instantly at ease. Perhaps it’s the food. Oh how I love Bangkok’s food.

Or maybe it’s the city’s aesthetics that appeal to me. The peaceful temples and parklands that provide respite from the busy umbrella topped alleys ways and cars racing up and down the main streets.

Or maybe it’s the sense that anything can happen here. Like stumbling across the crazy Patpong district where a touristy night bazaar nestles in the red light district under signs screaming of strip shows, brothels and alcohol (which appears to be quite expensive). We wander the red light district politely declining the many pimps who offer us cheap sexy massage and entry to ping pong shows. Many carry photos of their girls as though they are mere chattels. And when we decline, they say, “Boys? You wan’ boys?”. I cannot help but laugh at equal opportunity in action here on Patpong’s seedy streets. For the record, we decline the offer of boys too.

Somehow being back in Bangkok feels like being home. I can’t explain why but it does.


2 thoughts on “Happy to be back in Bangkok

    • We’re having a rest day today. Paul is out at the laundromat washing our clothes and I am at the apartment we rented catching up. We are both a bit tired from walking 20km every afternoon and then staying up late. Tomorrow we’ll be back out sightseeing. But today we went out for steaks for brunch and are going to a movie this afternoon.

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