A full day of rest (Chiang Mai)

Poor Paul woke up sick this morning. We think he might have eaten some dodgy chicken last night because it’s the only thing he ate that I didn’t. His stomach is churning like mine did that night in Lat Ya. He can’t go anywhere in this condition and I am quite happy to have a day inside too. I stayed in bed watching movies a full day in Korea and also in Indonesia. So today, I do the same here in Thailand but at least I have company. I do some work, plan some activities for the coming days in Chiang Mai and watch more Game of Thrones (we are finally up to Season 4 so will soon run out). I leave the apartment to walk to the 7-Eleven for some food and water, and later we walk to McDonalds because we know it won’t set Paul’s stomach off (there aren’t many clean local eateries here near the bus stop that he can stomach the thought of).

Tomorrow is a new day. We’re changing hotel to be closer to the action and have booked both a jungle kayaking tour and a Golden Triangle minivan tour for the coming week. In between we still have the temple with 306 steps to climb and the Chian Mai Zoo where I want to get an ironic picture of me cuddling a koala (for those who are new to my blog, I am Australian so a photo of me cuddling a koala in Thailand appeals to my sense of humour).

But for now, my blog is finally up to date and it’s time for us to find out what happens next with the Starks, Lannisters, Tyrells, Baratheons, Tullys and Targaryens who we have got to know thanks to the wonders of iTunes and hotel wifi.

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