Lessons from the Road: I’m just not a full time traveller…

I have never re logged anyone’s posts before but I read this today and realised the author’s words mirror my feelings. So, rather than steal his ideas, I decided to share his words.

After being on the move since May 2014, I am ready to settle down. I am ready to start changing other aspects of my life now that I’ve had a clean break. I still want to travel and explore the world. This is still a priority. But I also want other things, like a career about which I can be passionate, sharing every day with my new partner, to be around for family occasions, and to have micro adventures in my home country.

I am a traveler and adventurer but I also like the comforts of being home. So it is time to create a balance of both.

Knowing this makes my time in Thailand more enjoyable, and makes me more excited about the trips to Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia that I have booked. I want to travel to at least three countries a year. Just not in a long term way.


5 thoughts on “Lessons from the Road: I’m just not a full time traveller…

    • Thank you Alex. I’m in Chiang Mai for the next week. It’s nice here. No trekking for us … We’ve decided to do a one day kayak trip instead and maybe a bicycle ride through the rice paddies 🙂

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