We arrive in Ross late in the afternoon. Fortunately, the sun doesn’t set here in Tassie until about 7:30pm in October so we have plenty of time to explore. Ross is situated in the Central Midlands. The surrounding landscape is distinctly agricultural and the towns are tiny. 

Ross is old. By modern Australian standards it is almost ancient, having an abundance of stone houses from the 1800s. I feel like I’ve taken a step back in time. The stone bridge is particularly pretty, as is the church up on the hill. The sheep are a particularly cute foreground for us city boys. 

We eat dinner at the pub. It’s for sale, just like half the businessed in town. It’s all tourists eating here tonight yet the food is good. The steak is cooked perfectly and the serving size generous. It’s a lovely way to end the day. 

In the morning I take a walk to enjoy the town some more.  The historic female factory (women’s gaol) is open. Visiting is free. The display is very text heavy and not inspiring or engaging to me. But that’s just me. Paul seems to enjoy reading all the information and probably learned something (I didn’t really). 

Ross is definitely worth a visit. 

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