Launceston to Sheffield

I look out the plane window and am struck by how green the landscape is below me. Farmland stretches to the coast. As a Brisbane boy I am struck by how rural it looks. There’s no urban sprawl like around Brisbane. It’s all green pastures and patches of trees. I am excited about the coming twelve days on this southern island state.

Picking up our rental car we drive west from Launceston. Our first stop is Carrick where we check out a metal work gallery. This is typical Tasmania: small local art galleries abound everywhere. The price tags are very Tasmania too: expensive. We look around but purchase nothing. But the stop in Carrick gives us a taste of the unique architecture that exists here too. Tasmanian architecture retains its strong colonial overtures.

We stop briefly in Westbury to look at the church. The township has signs to say it is a historic village but there’s not much to look at so we continue westwards to Deloraine. Deloraine is a larger town with lots of cafes and art galleries. We spend some time enjoying the local art and buy some postcards to hang on the walls at home. The town has cute sculptures along the main street showing how life has changed over the centuries.

Leaving Deloraine we drive our final stretch to Sheffield where my friends M & K live. I met them almost a decade ago on another journey and we’ve stayed in touch. We stay up late talking, philosophising and eating absolutely delicious home made food. It’s a wonderful introduction to Tassie.

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