Ross to Hobart 

It’s grey and drizzly when we leave Ross for Hobart. This weather is more like what I experienced on my previous two trips to the island. It doesn’t dampen our spirits though. 

Oatlands is our first stop. The Callington Mill is prominent and makes a natural stopping point. We tour the grounds (free) and buy a few things from the gift shop/tourist information centre. Built in the 1890s, Callington Mill still grinds wheat from the surrounding farms. It is in full operation and we watch bags being filled with powdery white flour. 

From Oatlands we drive directly tp Hobart.  The landscape slowly becomes more urban and soon we are in the city proper. Mt Wellington stands tall above the city, it’s famous organ pipe rock formation barely visible below the clouds.  Paul wants to drive up to see what it’s  like up there in the clouds. It’s an easy half hour drive.  We stop below the clouds to admire Hobart from 1,000m altitude before disappearing into the damp windy grey world of the summit. It’s eery yet mesmerising. Cold yet engaging.  I decide I have to come back tomorrow on my bicycle.

Returning to Hobart we check into the Welcome Stranger Hotel, eat a pub meal and catch a movie. 

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