Sheffield to Ross

It was difficult to say goodbye to M&K after our visit. We enjoyed two wonderful nights of brilliant company, lengthy conversations and delicious food (K is a brilliant chef). We even learned some tips for feeding our worms and growing compost at home in our vegie patch. But say goodbye we eventually did.

We cruised through some more stunning northern landscapes. Green pastures and rolling hills dominated our eyes. A detour to Ashgrove Cheeses was essential and did noy disappoint. I’ve been there on each of my three trips to Tasmania because the cheeses are so tasty. 

I’d seen a sign to Liffey Falls in Deloraine two days ago. It’s only 2 hours from Sheffield to Ross so we decide to take a detour.  We approach from the western carpark, which is accessed by a narrow winding gravel road. A short 1km walk (each way) takes us to the falls. The walk itself is pretty. Fern trees give structure to the green surrounds and water in the creek makes a gurgling soundtrack. 

Back on the road we decide to travel across the Central Highlands behind Great Lake. It’s dry and rocky up here above the tree line. The views from the edge of the escarpment are breathtaking. The rocky organ pipe formations are totally foreign and exotic to me. I’d love to do some bushwalking or cycling here to really soak up the atmosphere. Up on the plateau is like being in another world. Gone are the green pastures. Dry yellow grasses survive in the dry landscape. And between it all sits the Great Lake in it’s majestic and isolated glory. 

Bring food with you on your road trip here or risk missing lunch at the Miena Pub (the only place for food). The publican took pity on us and made toasted sandwiches and chips, but only after chastising us multiple times for being late. So bring a picnic to avoid going hungry or putting her out. 

From Miena we drove north to Poetina. It’s an odd place that was built as a workers camp but looks like a retirement village in the middle of nowhere. A steep descent takes us back into the green rolling country of the midlands and we are soon at our guesthouse in Ross.  

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