Still alive

My blog has been quiet for a long time. After discovering an issue with photo sharing being blocked by Photbucket and with WordPress having very limited bandwidth, I lost the heart to continue blogging. I’d rather spend money on travel than blogging so I won’t pay to blog. Besides, I never go back and read my old stories and I’m a realist: at some point all online things disappear the way MySpace disappeared. So now I am just sharing photos and stories on my Instagram and Facebook pages. These are:

* Instagram – @lookingfor42

* Facebook –

Since my last blog update I have hiked the Three Capes Track in Tasmania, hiked in New Zealand and traveled in Taiwan. There’s no intention to slow down. But I do have an extra few hours every day during my travels given the blog isn’t taking up my account time anymore.

6 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. Andrew, the link doesn’t have the “c” in Facebook, so it doesn’t work. You’ve probably corrected it by now, but thought you should know. I wondered where you’d been. All the best, Steve

  2. Wow, I cannot get there with either (IG or FB) . . . I am glad you’re still around and doing well, my friend! Cannot wait to find you again. I’m also over at IG (promisetodad).

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