Fishermen’s Trail day 4: Zambujeira do Mar to Odeiceixe (Alentejo, Portugal)

 photo 12728985_1686578858220906_1010361991052705379_n_zpsvflfxuz2.jpg
I feel a bit sad to be waking on the final day of my hike. This happens every time I go on through walks. I want to keep walking forever. I slip out of the hostel around 9am, leaving the other walkers who stayed there to their breakfasts and warm beds. I want to savour this final leg.

 photo 12688333_1686578868220905_5707549683902955468_n_zpsalgzna8o.jpg
The tiny church atop the cliffs marks the start of today’s hike. I’m sure many sailors and fishermen have come here to pray for a safe journey over the centuries. Not to mention their wives and girlfriends who prayed for their safe return. The sky is overcast but that will change as I make my way ever towards the south.

 photo 12728927_1686578921554233_6927977163608621962_n_zpst1xevj92.jpg
There’s a fantastic view out over the beach from here. Yesterday I took a photo of the same beach at low tide while this morning the tide is high. The contrast is stark. The low tide shows a lovely place to sunbathe and play. At hight it’s a more menacing prospect.

 photo 12734253_1686578958220896_9088840749356493649_n_zpskcmmlblm.jpg
The trail follows a road out of town. Looking back I take one last glimpse of the church and the village beyond.

 photo 12742544_1686579061554219_4400085762912446377_n_zpsd7nhrqly.jpg
The path today will be totally different to the previous three. It’s less sandy and more exposed with narrow cliff side trails and steep muddy sections. We’re now in the place where a serra (mountain range) meets the sea. It will make for an interesting few hours in nature.

 photo 12742428_1686578998220892_9021666538596556367_n_zpsphvk7myk.jpg
I follow the footpads as they wind around the cliffs and steep sloes leading to the sea. I am used to this now and the increasingly gusty wind doesn’t phase me anymore.

 photo 12715514_1686579078220884_8936106021908934969_n_zpsf8nt1kph.jpg
With every step I am one step further immersed into this meditative state that is my hike.

 photo 12742039_1686579074887551_9179051902884680889_n_zpshzx4ch9j.jpg
I enjoy it all. Close up perspectives of tree bark and other small details engross me.

 photo 12705637_1686579154887543_3165853426040195926_n_zpsqnv5qjwe.jpg
And epic views of a seascape that fills my imagination with life’s possibilities.

 photo 12742460_1686579088220883_8111315651796242695_n_zpshvfwwpse.jpg

I allow my mind to wander and dream. Dream of possibilities that travel has made possile. Dream of opportunities I need only dare follow. Dream of chances to take and leaps worth making.

 photo 12728949_1686579181554207_7957755382479416474_n_zpsqveltsc5.jpg

I pass an isolated hut. It takes me by surprise and wakes me from my reverie for a moment. It’s cute nestled there on the grass and sheltered by the trees. It’s proof you can find comfort anywhere; even on the road less traveled and with choices less often pursued.

 photo 12741983_1686579158220876_1540112411946211450_n_zpsaikys32n.jpg

The trail becomes overgrown. I almost have to crawl when I pass under a tunnel of shrubs and weeds. It’s muddy here and keeping my feet is a priority. And then am through back on the cliffs. The path extends before me like a mountain goat’s track.

 photo 12743804_1686579168220875_1841115892193463833_n_zpsgzr8d5xm.jpg

All morning I’ve been crossing streams that then plummet down the cliffs. At times I see them in the distance, many kilometers before I reach the water. This one rolls almost gently down a slope onto a beach where the water from the waves competes with the waterfall’s efforts to churn up the sand. It must be lovely to stand under when the weather is warmer and the tide a little father out. A natural shower to wash off the abrasive reality of salt and sand.

 photo 12715265_1686579214887537_665265838726254551_n_zpsbcs9xzs1.jpg

Rocks form bridges with themselves. The water so powerful that it burrows through over the years. One day each will crumble and all we will see are two rocks standing proud. Time changes everything and nothing is permanent. Cliches made true but the nature around me.

 photo 12705451_1686579238220868_4670770702977194133_n_zpsvfdjoto4.jpg

I stop for lunch on the final patch of gold-red sand before the end of the trail. It’s bitter sweet to know that around the next bend I will come to the river that marks the end of the hike. I feel a modest sense of achievement for completing the trail but also a deep desire to keep walking. My mind turns to other hikes I want to complete in 2016. Perhaps it will happen for me.

 photo 12321323_1686579221554203_4730801396107057250_n_zps7fnq9mnj.jpg

The river marks the start of the final 4km of the hike. All I need to do now is follow the road to the village further upstream. I stand while looking down at the ocean and cliffs for the final time.

 photo 12744504_1686579254887533_6513416481028042984_n_zpsmpg41vv4.jpg

A farm track leads me down to the road.

 photo 12728949_1686579274887531_9081425171859918483_n_zpsamw4hvsx.jpg

And then I see Odeceixe across river. I find myself walking more slowly, trying to resist the reality of the finish. It’s always like this at the end of a through-hike. I never want it to end. But, naturally, it has to end somewhere. I cross the river and wait at the entrance to the village where my aunt picks me up ten minutes later to drive me home. It’s been a wonderful four days.

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