Hobart to Port Arthur

Paul has gone home and I’ve been joined by Mum and her friend R. Together we will walk the Three Capes Track from Port Arthur. But first, we have the pleasure of taking the 1.5 hour drive from Hobart to the Tasman Peninsula where we will spend a night preparing for our hike. The drive takes us away from the increasing sprawl of Hobart into farm lands. And then we turn south across Eaglehawk Neck and the landscape suddenly becomes wilder.

Tasman Arch is a stunning window out to the sea. The arch was cut by thousands of years of water cutting it’s way into the tall sea cliffs. Eventually, the water cut a cave and then the back of the cave collapsed, causing the arch. Devil’s Kitchen is nearby. It’s a deep crevasse in the sea cliffs that was formed in the same way as the Tasman Arch but then the arch also collapsed. It’s a fascinating lesson in natural history.

We drive to the Blow Hole, which is quiet today. However, a short walk down the track offers wonderful views across the bays to introduce us to the sea cliffs that will become familiar during our upcoming four-day walk. The other fabulous thing about the Blow Hole is the Doo-Lishus fish and chip van in the carpark. The fish is fresh and the view is pretty.

We check into our guesthouse in Port Arthur and all fall asleep for a few hours. Waking up in the early evening we drive out to Maingon Lookout to watch the sun set over Cape Raoul in the distance. We eat cheese, crackers and salad at the lookout. The air is filled with the sound of waves breaking below us. In the distance the sky becomes purple as the evening extends for a few hours. It’s cool and crisp with the wind blowing straight up from Antarctica but it’s not cold. It’s a wonderful way to end our day.

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