Walking for Refugees

In March 2017 I walked 12km a day for 31 days to awareness for the plight of people walking (or who have walked) to flee war. Every year thousands of people are left homeless and stateless by war. They often walk hundreds of kilometers with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The lucky ones end in refugee camps where they wait for years to be granted entry into a safer country. The unlucky ones remain forever in limbo.

Many families are separated, either by the actual war or by dangers associated with the process of fleeing. This might include being separated by getting lost along the way, through kidnap or slavery, or by the confusion of the refugee camp. The Australian Red Cross works with refugees to help them try to find their families and loved ones. I am walking to raise money for the Australian Red Cross.

  1. Overview
  2. Why?
  3. Rules
  4. Day 1 – Somerset Trail, Mt Mee 
  5. Day 2 – Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk Delicia to Thilba Thalba walkers camp 
  6. Day 3 – Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk Thilba Thalba to Delicia Road via Gheerulla Valley
  7. Days 4-7 – Walks near home 
  8. Day 8 – Bunya Mountains west walk 
  9. Day 9 – Bunya Mountains east walk 
  10. Days 10-15 – More walks near home
  11. Day 16 – Double Island Point loop: Rainbow Beach to Freshwater Lake via Poona Lake
  12. Day 17 – Double Island Point loop: Freshwater Lake to Rainbow Beach via Double Island Point
  13. Days 18-22 – Walking near home again
  14. Day 23 – Ewan Maddock Dam
  15. Days 24-28 – Final walks near home
  16. Day 29 – Moreton Island: Tangalooma to Rous Battery
  17. Day 30 – Moreton Island: Rous Battery to Blue Lake
  18. Day 31 – Moreton Island: Blue Lake to Tangalooma