Day of rest in Gangneung (Gangwon-do)

Today is a day of rest. I have slept in, watched movies on my laptop, cooked lunch and bought groceries for the next leg of my ride. This evening I intend to continue to do more of the same. I haven’t even started my assignment despite taking the day off riding to do so. I can report that my bunk at Aark House hostel is very comfortable. Tomorrow I might go sightseeing here in town and do some of the work I was going to do today. But every now and then a day in your dorm room bunk is exactly what the doctor orders.

The only news I have to report is that the supermarket is that I am clearly becoming more comfortable here in Korea because my trip to the supermarket was not as mysterious as it was a week ago. I found some much more appropriate foods like dried seaweed and vegetables (the greens I bought in Seoul rotted in the heat and I suspect the sniffer dogs at Brisbane airport will make a bee line straight to my luggage when I return to Brisbane at the end of the month).