Turkey (2015)

While the first week of my trip to Turkey was a sailing adventure, the other three weeks were a driving road trip. So I have captured this as a road trip page (besides, I have no sailing pages). I traveled to Turkey from 18 September – 18 October. For the first two weeks I traveled with my parents and then went off to do my own thing. These posts are also listed under the Europe – Turkey page on my blog in order of region but here they are in chronological order.

Map of my travels in Turkey

Map of my travels in Turkey

  1. A bonus city (Melbourne, Australia)
  2. The best flight (Melbourne to Abu Dhabi)
  3. Arriving in Bodrum
  4. Bodrum to Yalikavak
  5. Yalikavak to Cokertme
  6. Cokertme to Seven Islands
  7. Seven Islands to Sogut
  8. Sogut to Cokertme
  9. Cokertme to Kargicik Buku
  10. Kargicik Bay to Yalikakav
  11. Yalikakav to Lake Bafa
  12. Seven Brothers Monastery hike
  13. Lake Bafa
  14. Didim, Miletos and Priene
  15. Lake Bafa to Butterfly Bay
  16. Butterfly Valley hike
  17. Butterfly Valley to Kas
  18. Lycian Way: Cukurbag to Gokceoren hike
  19. Kas to Cirali
  20. Mt Olympos (Tahatli Dagi) hike
  21. Rest day at Beldibi
  22. Beldibi to Aksaray
  23. Ihlara Valley hike
  24. Red and Rose Valleys hike
  25. Geocaching and running the Goreme landscape
  26. Goreme to Samsun
  27. A day in Samsun
  28. Samsun to Sinop
  29. Sinop to Safranbolu
  30. A couple of relaxing days in Safranbolu
  31. Safranbolu to Istanbul
  32. Istanbul to Brisbane

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