Day hikes

These are blog posts about day hikes I have taken in various places. It includes hikes from my old Transventure blogs. Those posts from my old blogs are set to open in a new tab/window for ease of navigation.

  1. Australia
    1. Amamoor State Forest (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)
    2. Baloon Cave (Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland)
    3. Battleship Spur from Big Bend (Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland)
    4. Bayview Conservation Park – Bush explorations (Brisbane, Queensland)
    5. Bayview Conservation Park – Walking with Mum (Brisbane, Queensland)
    6. Beach combing at Cosack (Karatha, Western Australia)
    7. Boolimba Bluff (Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland)
    8. Brisbane Koala Bushland (Brisbane, Queensland)
    9. Brisbane Koala Bushland and Buhot Creek (Brisbane, Queensland)
    10. Bunya Mountains East Walk (South Burnett, Queensland)
    11. Bunya Mountains West Walk (South Burnett, Queensland)
    12. Caves Circuit (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    13. Cronin Creek Track (Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland)
    14. D’Aguilar National Park (Brisbane, Queensland)
    15. Daves Creek Circuit (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    16. Emu Creek Valley – Not quite Mt Superbus (Darling Downs, Queensland)
    17. Emu Creek Valley road (Darling Downs, Queensland)
    18. England Creek (Right Branch) (Brisbane, Queensland)
    19. Gwongoorool Pool (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    20. JC Trotter Memorial Park (Brisbane, Queensland)
    21. Karatha Hills (Karatha, Western Australia)
    22. Karawatha – Mother’s Day walk (Brisbane, Queensland)
    23. Kondalilla Falls (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)
    24. Lower Bellbird Circuit (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    25. Lower Portals (Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland)
    26. Main Gorge Track to Big Bend (Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland)
    27. Mary Cairncross Park (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)
    28. Mickey Creek (Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland)
    29. Mossy Gorge (Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland)
    30. Mt Glorious to England Creek (Brisbane, Queensland)
    31. Mount Mitchell (Main Range, Queensland)
    32. Noosa National Park (Queensland)
    33. Mt Ngungun (Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland)
    34. Northbrook Gorge (Mt Glorious, Queensland)
    35. Perseverance Creek, Valley of the Diamonds and Cresswick Dam (Toowoomba, Queensland)
    36. Somerset Trail (Mt Mee, Queensland)
    37. South Pine River (Mt Glorious, Queensland)
    38. Stony Creek (Woodford, Queensland)
    39. Three volcanic plugs and a whole lot of forest (Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland)
    40. Tooloona Creek Circuit (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    41. Tree Top Walk (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    42. Tullawallal Circuit (Gold Coast, Queensland)
    43. Upper Portals (Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland)
    44. Wild Horse Mountain (Sunshine Coast, Queensland)


  1. Gunung Bromo (East Java)


  1. Menengai Crater (Nakuru, Great Rift Valley)


  1. Gwan-aksan (Seoul)
  2. Igidae Park (Busan)
  3. Jangsan (Busan)
  4. Jagalchi fish market and Yeongdo Island (Busan)


  1. Galillo (Sierra de Cazorla, Andalucia)
  2. Beas de Granada to Granada (Sierra Nevada, Andalusia)
  3. Rock of Gibraltar (Gibraltar, British Territories)


  1. Seven Brothers Monastery (Lake Bafa, Agean)
  2. Butterfly Valley (Olundenuz, Lycia)
  3. Lycian Way: Cukurbag to Gokceoren hike (Kas, Lycia)
  4. Mt Olympos (Tahatli Dagi)  (Cirali, Lycia)
  5. Ihlara Valley (Ihlara, Cappadocia)
  6. Red and Rose Valleys (Goreme, Cappadocia)

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