Plans are made for changing – Camino de Santiago de Compastella

Regular readers of my blog will know that my plans are prone to changing. Until I book flights that is. So what’s changed? I have decided the time is right for me to walk my Camino de Santiago de Compastella. And I’ve booked the flights too. It’s not like the last time when I ended up in Hungary …

So when am I walking? I start in Burgos on 25 January and will have 20 days to get to Santiago de Compastella. Yes, a winter Camino … it will be a challenge but I do like cold weather because it is a novelty for me.

What’s different this time? Probably my ego. In the past thinking about walking the Camino has been about the SJDP to Santiago epic of about 30-35 days hiking 800km (500 miles). But not this time. I have enough free time to take the SJDP epic. But instead I am leaving time at the end of my Europe trip to visit my aunt in Portugal and my grandmother in Holland. I don’t have anything to prove – I have just felt drawn to this hike since I first heard about it over a decade ago. And this time the spirit who has always told me not to go is silent. In fact, I feel encouraged to go so that’s what I will do.

This means I’m not going to the Czech Republic and Slovakia anymore. My Camino replaces that. I’ve booked a flight from Amsterdam to Madrid on the same morning that Paul flies home to Australia. Then I will catch one of the many buses from Madrid to Burgos where I have booked a room at a hotel for 24 January so that I can set off on 25 January. I have also booked a flight from Lisbon to Holland on 20 February, which means I just need to book a busĀ from Santiago de Compastella to Lisbon at the end of my walk on 13 February (there are daily buses to Lisbon).

The symmetry of this Camino is kind of nice too … because if all goes to plan, I will complete my Camino two years after I first told my parents that I was going to be leaving home to travel the world. It feels like the right way to complete this search for 42 and I anticipate it will be the final journey I record in this blog.