The Netherlands by train (2015)

Paul and I visited my family in The Netherlands. I’m classing this as backpacking because we used public transport and there’s no other way to classify this trip. Here’s the posts in chronological order. They are also saved under location order in the Europe – The Netherlands (2015 & 2016) page.

  1. First impressions of Amsterdam
  2. Exploring Amsterdam
  3. Tourist activities in Amsterdam
  4. Zwolle and Coevorden
  5. New Years Eve in Coevorden
  6. Ganzeduik 2016
  7. The rest of New Year’s Day 2016
  8. Family and the woods
  9. Riding, walking and eating with family
  10. An exciting purchase
  11. Back in Brabant
  12. De Ark van Noah
  13. Keeping the international film experience alive
  14. Rotterdam
  15. Delft
  16. Back to the Netherlands