Korea (2014)

From 24 September 2014 – 28 October 2014 I travelled to Korea. After a week in Seoul, I cycled a 1,200km route to Busan where I spent my final week. I have organised my posts by city / province to make it easier for others to find information about specific places they might like to travel.

Map of where I traveled in Korea
Map of where I traveled in Korea


  1.  Just some food
  2. Idigae Park hike
  3. A night out in Busan
  4. Jalgachi fish market and Yeongdo Island hike
  5. Brilliant Concert Season III
  6. 10th Busan Fireworks Festival
  7. Jangsan hike


  1.  Chilling in Daegu
  2. Baseball in Daegu
  3. Women in War photo exhibition in Daegu
  4. A night out in Daegu
  5. Exploring Daegu


  1. Ipobo to Ganhyon
  2. Ganhyon to Saeng-gok
  3. Saeng-gok to unknown locality 25km west of Yangyang
  4. Yangyang
  5. Yangyang to Gangneung
  6. Day of rest in Gangneung
  7. Gangneung
  8. Gangneung to Donghae
  9. Donghae to Hasan-ri


  1. Seoul to Ipobo


  1. Hasan-ri to Tonggosan Recreation Park
  2. Tonggosan Recreation Park to Andong
  3. Andong to Sangju
  4. Sangju to Daegu


  1. Daegu to random pagoda
  2. From one random pagoda to another
  3. Random pagoda to Busan


  1. Day 1 in Korea and already I am in love
  2. A big day in Seoul
  3. Korean BBQ
  4. Gwan-aksan hike
  5. A day of wow moments
  6. 2014 Asian Games athletics


  1. Korea here I come
  2. In transit from Melbourne to Korea
  3. Reflections on Korea

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