Prao to Hue


Neither words not photos can do justice to the bends, views and road quality of the ride from Prao to Hué. For the first hour we follow a river that cuts a swath through the mountains. Wide at first, it becomes gradually smaller as we ride ever higher.

Enterinf the Vietnam-Laos border region the road is deserted but for a handful of village people using scooters to transport tree fronds, wood and banana trees. Tiny ladies carry heavy loads of cut wood on their backs while girls carry similar basket backpacks filled with leaves of some sort. There are no towns for the first 100km of our ride; only tiny traditional villages hidden in the jungle.

Even after that, the few towns we pass through are blink and you’ll miss it size. Just an amazing day on an incredible road with perfect cambers and postcard perfect views at every turn.

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