Pleiku / Gia Lai to Kon Tum

Being unable to take a bus from Pleiku to Kon Tum we do as the locals suggest: ride the scooters. We could ride 50km down the highway but opt for the more scenic 80km route along DT671 and DT670.

Chůr Đăng volcanic crater is a 20km side trip off our intended route. The crater is part of an extinct volcano that ia now home to farmlands. This is rough road country. But the rewards are incredible views from the top of the crater (after a short sharp hike).

It takes most of the day to follow bumpy mountain roads through isolated farmlands to Kon Tum. The high pitched sound of cicadas filled the air. Other than that, the only sounds were our motorbikes and the odd truck honking it’s horn. While it’s quiet our eyes feast on expansive mountain views. We eat lunch under the shade of a roadside tree but otherwise only stop to take photos.

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