Ready for Vietnam 

It seems like a lifetime since our last trip to Asia but, finally, we are within a week of our next foray into the Orient.  It’s just six more until we board our Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur then on to Ho Chi Minh City a few days later.  

Our trip to Vietnam is unlikely to be a traditional tourist expedition. We fly into HCMC and will be there two nights before heading inland. Our entire trip is based on a Couch Surfing host’s invitation for us to stay with him in Pleiku. It’s a town well off the HCMC-Hoi An-Hanoi tourist race. And along the way we will stay in some other quite random places well inland from the coast. 

We will travel from HCMC to Hoi An and Hue via this random countryside route on scary bus rides before flying home from Danang. 

We have our letter of invitation for visa on arrival, some clean US dollars, passports and flights. We’ve booked some cheap but well reviewed accommodation so just have to pack and get ourselves to the airport. 


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