Bethells Beach


It’s our final day in New Zealand. After packing our gear into the car we randomly drive to Bethell’s Beach on Auckland’s west coast. It turns out to be a magnificent choice.

The beach is so vast the lifeguard tower looks like a small lego structure. Standing next to it we notice it is actually a large building. At the far southern end of the beach is a massive cave on a similar scale as the whole beach. It draws us like a magnet; as it does the other people visiting the beach. We walk across the black sands as the tide slowly comes in. to the huge opening. We can see exactly how this cave has been created.

After exploring the cave, we find ourselves noticing the small things that make this beach so amazing. There’s long ribbons of bright yellow sea weed. Green moss tumbles from rock pools like soft waterfalls. And muscles cling to rocks in their hundreds. The beach has been influenced by New Zealand’s volcanic past with large boulders balancing on big rocks and black sand is becoming familiar to us now. I’m repulsed at the idea of swimming; I am not sure whether that’s the season or the black sand. But I do love to walk on this black sand beach and like the way it frames the other colours.


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