Coromandel beaches



Whitianga is a seaside town tucked into a deep bay protected by small rocky islands. It’s the perfect place to wander along the waterfront enjoying the serenity. It’s only about 21’C but feels almost summery as we explore the beach.

Flaxmill Bay and Shakespeare Cliff

Flaxmill Bay is quiet and small. There’s an over priced cafe across the road. Other than that, it’s just clear blue waters that would be stunning to explore by kayak.

We drive to the top of Shakespeare Cliff from which the views are second to none. A tour boat races by. Even from here we can hear the squeals of joy from the passengers as it does donuts acrossnthe water.

Cooks Beach

We stop for lunch at a pretty riverside park at Cooks Beach. The township is so named because Captain James Cook took his readings of Mercury here to determine the location of New Zealand relative to the rest of the world, as it was known in the 1770s. He also had the Endeavour cleaned by beaching it here. There’s not much to buy for lunch so we eat crackers and dip from the local dairy (convenience store). But it sure is pretty.

Hahei Beach

Hahei Beach is by far the most popular with surfers and swimmers. It is less protected today than others so has a better swell. Rocky islands and outcrops still dot the entrance to this wide bay but not as much as at the other beaches. The famous Cathedral Cave is nearby but the walking path is closed due to storm damage. The only way to see the cave right now is by boat or kayak so we’ll come back another time.

Hot Water Beach

Finally we get to Hot Water Beach. The tide wasn’t correct for us to dig a hot water spa in the sand but the beach and drive were pretty.


Returning to Whitianga at night we enjoy the British flick Their Finest . It’s a brilliant little film that keeps us entertained. The cinema is old and run down but this is rural New Zealand.

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