Karangahake Gorge

IMG_20170709_093812.jpgKarangahake Gorge near Waihi. It used to be part of a gold mining operation and evidence still abounds, such as a rotting rusty machinery, a railway line and swing bridge (which have been rebuilt of course).

It’s difficult to imagine that this shrub filled place of beauty was once alive with the sights and sounds of sluices, draft horses hauling trolleys and men digging tunnels. Dust must have flown through the air and rock falls must have been common. We spend our time walking along the paths and through the dark tunnels taking in the natural scenery.


3 thoughts on “Karangahake Gorge

  1. I have never been to the gardens. That sounds like fun.
    I really like shooting too but not clay pidgeons. The belmont rufle range has regular open days where you can try out all shooting options. I went once. It was fun.
    I also did shootng for about half a year and liked it. I was even quite good at it! You should follow up on doing it in oz.

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