Walking to raise awareness for those fleeing war 

The Red Cross called on Australians to take challenge ourselves to raise awareness and money for humanitarian issues that are important to us. I decided to answer the call by creating my own challenge activity.

From 1 March I will walk 12km (8 miles) every day to raise awareness for people who have to walk to flee war. Why 12km? It’s far enough to be a challenge but not so far as to make it impossible for me to manage around my work commitments. This distance will take 2.5 – 3 hours of walking every day. Throughout the challenge I will share my experiences here on my blog as a record. I am sure I’ll have some good adventures, discover some inner strength and have moments of wishing I didn’t have to walk (especially when I work my triple shifts every second weekend). 

If you would like to donate to the Australian Red Cross to support my crazy adventure, check out my challenge profile

It all starts in four more sleeps. 


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