Point Cartwright (Sunshine Coast, Australia)

 photo IMG_2546_zpslzjxwyta.jpg

Blue water edged with white comes in contact with yellow sand lined by green trees. This is the view south from Point Cartwright when we arrive at the car park ready for our walk.The walk around Point Cartwright is quite short and easy. There’s a sealed pathway to follow that flows along the least steep route. In the past I always thought I had to do the difficult walks to make an outing worthwhile but now I just enjoy where I am.

 photo IMG_2547_zpstmqlyg9r.jpg

 photo IMG_2549_zpsyeem2lpc.jpg

Point Cartwright has a water tower and lighthouse. The water tower has been painted with a seascape of local marine life. The work is striking and visible from a distance. I think it’s far better than having an ugly white or grey tank. At 32m high the lighthouse was built here in 1978 here after the original lighthouse at Caloundra was obstructed by high rise development. The lighthouse itself is not accessible to the public but the grounds are.

 photo IMG_2548_zpsaawi2aya.jpg

This is pandanus country where spiky leaves frame the view and tubular roots line the path.

 photo IMG_2550_zpsm8w2jhbt.jpg

Rounding the lighthouse we take in the views north before walking down to sea level.

 photo IMG_2510_zpsv8xrewhh.jpg

On the way we notice many signs honouring people who have passed. We wonder whether locals pay for this honour or just attach the signs themselves. We have noticed these plaques on other Sunshine Coast lookouts so maybe it’s a local thing.

 photo IMG_2552_zpsjpm1jq4e.jpg

 photo IMG_2527_zpsxbhy53vy.jpg

At sea level we explore the rocks. Some are smooth and others rough. I like the ones with holes. I wonder whether it’s natural or created by the traditional owners in times gone by. Either way, this is a stunning place to spend some time.

 photo IMG_2530_zpsaqx7nd1w.jpg

 photo IMG_2535_zpstenr6883.jpg

We hang out a while watching the surfers and paddlers enjoying the sea. I often wish I had been born into a surfing family because it looks like such an amazing sport. I took lessons about ten years ago but was not comfortable in the ocean and was a bit afraid of the waves. So I guess I’ll just enjoy watching the surfers. Besides, I grew up in a hiking, camping, cycling and traveling family, which has had a positive impact on my life as an adult.

 photo IMG_2544_zpsfbw53p9r.jpg

We return to the car and drive back south to Dicky Beach at Caloundra. Fish and chips make the perfect seaside lunch. A short swim and laze in the shade of a tree round out our day at the Sunshine Coast.


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